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About Traumsalon – Who Are We?

Berlin-based children’s book publisher Traumsalon edition was set up thirteen years ago now.

We are proud of the things we have achieved in that time. Our books are growing in popularity and are now part of everyday life in many kindergartens, schools, libraries and homes.

All our books are the result of close cooperation with experts in the fields they cover, but also with parents, nursery workers, teachers and – especially – children.

We love to promote reading. Mr Wolke (Sven Pawlitschko) and Mr Schreiberling (Rolf Barth) travel throughout Germany to encourage children to love reading, and to introduce them to the wonderful, colourful world of books.

We are always engaged in a conversation with children, listening to them, getting to know their worlds and meeting them wherever they happen to be in their development.

We are open to new things and forward-looking while remaining devotees the Gutenberg galaxy.

Rolf Barth





Geschäftsführer Traumsalon edition


Leo Taucht ab

blankLeo ist magic pupil in Himmelburg. By mistake, he conjures up a smartphone that instantly captures him.
Leo gradually loses contact with his friends. Finally, the smartphone sucks him in completely and whirls

him through the vastness of the Internet. There he meets Spacy, who turns out to be a fascinating seducer

without a soul.

Meanwhile, in Himmelsburg, Leos disapparance causes a lot of excitement.

Mr. Wolke knows what to do and dashes to his cousin Chilly Checker.

She lives in a tree house, right on the border with the internet. In the middle of the endless

sea of data and temptations, she has installed a digital lighthouse. It offers salvation to everyone

who has lost their bearings on the internet. Will Mr. Wolke and Chilly Checker manage to find

Leo and bring him back into the real world?


For children from 5 years and theier adults!

MR WOLKE – Where’s Adele?

Catalogue Text:

Finally! Adele’s made it!

She’s the heroine of our new book here at Traumsalon edition.

Blurb: blankWhat’s going on? Adele lives in this book with Mr Wolke, her friends, and 26 letters of the alphabet. It suits her down to the ground. But she’d really love to meet some real sheep for once. Outside, beyond the book. Adele packs her bags and flies off and away through the freshly-painted window. A gust of wind catches her and whisks her up into the air. Adele’s forgotten something: she’s a story-book sheep, made of paper.

Mr Wolke & Friends, Songs & Stories

Catalogue Text:

The Mr Wolke Song, is already a big hit with thousands of children and their grown-ups, and now you can listen to new songs from Himmelsburg Castle.

Plus stories read by Mr Wolke and Mr Schreiberling.

Everyone at Himmelsburg Castle has spent the last year whistling, drumming, singing and reading away in Mr Wolke’s treehouse studio, and this is the result!

Mr Wolke’s School of Magic

– Our long-term seller!

Catalogue Text:

Cool magic tricks for kids to try themselves!

Mr Wolke and his five apprentice magicians introduce and explain some astonishing magic tricks with clear and child-friendly instructions. All the tricks feature a humorous introduction and are easy to do yourself without any expensive equipment.


The book comes with an amazing original trick, “Mr Wolke’s Cloud Magic”, to pull out and get started on right away!


blankMr Wolke and his five apprentice magicians introduce and explain some astonishing magic tricks with clear and child-friendly instructions: can you stick a pin through a balloon without bursting it? All the tricks are easy to do yourself without any expensive equipment, and they all have a humorous introduction that a child magician can use when performing. The motto of Mr Wolke’s School of Magic is: Magic is Fun!

All this and more besides. Magic also:

– improves concentration

– stimulates cognitive processes

– helps with communication

– encourages persistence

– improves fine motor skills

– boosts self-confidence

The book comes with the amazing original “Mr Wolke’s Cloud Magic” trick to pull out!


Don’t Worry, Tim!

Catalogue Text:

This book was created in response to requests from many parents and teachers and aims to help with children’s fear of going to sleep. We wanted both to illustrate this anxiety and to offer a solution.

Every child is different – and everyone’s fears take different forms.

At Tim’s house, there’s a monster that sits by his bed every evening and stops him falling asleep. Tim and Mr Wolke take a trip inside his head and realise that the monster is all in his mind. So he can imagine the monster however he likes.

Which Tim does – with original and funny results.

The aim of this book is to help children recognise that they’re not alone with their fears. It also offers parents creative approaches to help their children tackle the issue.

One of our special story shows is available for this book, presented by Mr Wolke and the author, Rolf Barth, with his Wolkenzauber story theatre.


blankTim can’t sleep! Every evening a monster sits by his bed and stops him falling asleep. Mr Wolke knows lots of children who have similar troubles. He comes to visit Tim and together they take a trip inside his head. Tim discovers that the monster is made out of air. So it only exists in his thoughts, and he can change those! Which he does. Tim now realises that monsters can be great fun to play with.

For children aged 4+ and their grown-ups!

MR WOLKE – A Case for the Alphabet

Catalogue Text:

Supported by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research

One evening, at story time in Mr Wolke’s treehouse, all the letters have disappeared from the book.

Special features:

This is a book by children for children! The story, characters and illustrations were all developed over the course of a year-long project with a year 5 class in Brandenburg an der Havel.

Up-and-coming authors / illustrators at work.

Recommended by Stiftung Lesen

Recommended by Stiftung Lesen

“A joyful coproduction between children, with their imagination and love of stories, and reading professionals. Lively pictures, a straight-forward text, and a simple story to join in with, encourage children to feel relaxed with the letters of the alphabet and take a first step through the door into the world of books and stories. A remarkable and exemplary project!”


blankA book by children for children: read, learn and join in!

All the letters have disappeared from Mr Wolke’s story book so the alphabet immediately sets off for Himmelsburg Castle to crack the case. The detective duo M & B are soon on the trail: all the evidence points to Zappendusterhausen, where King X-nix has banned reading and writing! But the children there still want to tell stories, so they’ve been stealing letters. Will Mr Wolke and his friends be able to get into heavily-guarded Zappendusterhausen and find the missing letters, as well as helping the children defeat King X-nix?

Mr Wolke and Toby FC

– Our classic (4th updated edition)

Catalogue Text:

Mr Wolke helps Toby to realise that his teeth work like a football team, and to become the coach of his own squad of teeth.

“Recommended by Berlin’s dental health working group, LAG Berlin zur Verhütung von Zahnerkrankungen e.V.”


blankMr Wolke meets six-year-old Toby as he drifts past on a cloud. Toby’s got toothache and has had to stop playing football because it hurts so much. Mr Wolke answers Toby’s wish and uses his dream-magic-salt to turn back time to when his tooth was still healthy. Then the two of them set off on a funny and exciting adventure with Toby’s teeth, which helps him understand that they work together like a football team.


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